Be your greatest,
Brand your game

We give our best to enable you to be at your best. We are a global agency representing elite athletes, with a successful track record of over 20 years. Our clients compete in the top leagues and football competitions around the world.

In AC TALENT we believe that the career of an athlete transcends the field of play. That is why we offer the tools and support to ensure that our clients become more than sporting or commercial brands, and that they become successful personal brands.


We work together with our clients to elevate their careers.

Their triumphs, on and off the field, are the best acknowledgement that we could hope to achieve.


  • We create bespoke plans for each individual athlete’s professional career development. We advise from a technical perspective on how to maximise performance, and we take responsibility for sporting representation at all levels. We find the best opportunities at the biggest clubs of the world’s leading leagues, and we negotiate with different stakeholders to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients and partners.

    As well as developing your potential on the field, we also take care of managing your image. We create individual 360º plans which are tailored to your personality and essence. We also manage media appearances, develop and implement social media strategy, and direct commercial collaborations with the brands that you represent.

  • We accompany our clients daily, at their side for whatever they need:

    Technical consultation

    Performance analysis via the industry’s leading digital platforms

    Physical development

    Injury prevention and recuperation service

    Sports psychology

    360º Marketing

    Consultancy with clubs and sporting entities

    Legal services

    Financial consulting


Trust, credibility and respect are the values which define us. As such, we are a multidisciplined team comprised of more than 25 experts from different backgrounds and nationalities. We have ample experience in the sector to cover all of the needs of our clients.


  • Arturo Canales

    President and founder

  • Fernando Solanas


  • Esther Martín


  • Pedro Luis García

    Director of the football division

  • Sandra Tambo

    Director of marketing and communication